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The northern capital is ready to the World Combat Games. The uniqueness of "SportAccord " is  in the fact that it brings together the Olympic and non-Olympic sports. From 18 to 26 October, more than a thousand athletes from around the world will present their skills to the public 15 martial arts.

The schedule : aikido , boxing , wrestling, judo , jiu- jitsu , karate, kendo , kickboxing , Muay Thai , Savate, sumo , taekwondo , martial arts , fencing and SAMBO. However, this year the public will not be able to see the fights in combat SAMBO. Under the terms of the selection in St. Petersburg 54 men and 36 women must stand. Most of them are of the European continent, a little less wrestlers from Asia, three athletes put Africa and Pan - America.

Dmitry Babijchuk, Ivan Vasilchuk, Ukraine: Many athletes are not here. Even strong Belarusian, who fights in my weight, is not here. He failed to qualify for Europe. And some were not included.

A composition is the same as in the world championship. I think this tournament will be stronger than the World Cup. Eight gets from Europe, and this is the strongest athletes. And also five gets from Asia. It's best athletes of Asia. So we hope for a serious fight, and we want to win it. 

Victor Pirela, Vice-Prezident of SAMBO Federation of Venezuela: Venezuela is involved here with 4 athletes - three men and one woman. We hope to do well. We came here from far away, in St. Petersburg, to defend the honor of our country. Some of our athletes - Maria Guedez, she has achieved good results. We believe that here, good luck will not let us down, and we show excellent results in SAMBO at these Games SportAccord. 

Marina Mohnatkina, Russia: We had weighing, I was pleasantly surprised, and a lot of people are here. And the entire structure, which was at the World Cup, even more. It really surprised me. I'm tuned emotionally more to the World Cup, and tomorrow such a competition will be. My main rivals are here, Ukraine, for example. The girls in the subgroup have a dangerous rival - Schlesinger. I am glad  SAMBO sounds in the world. This is a step forward. 

Let me remind you, the cradle of martial arts China gathered representatives from 104 countries in 2010. Athletes demonstrated their skills in 13 types of martial arts.

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В Литве прошел «Кубок Паланги» по САМБО

В Паланге, курортном городе Литвы, прошли финальные поединки «Кубка Паланги» по САМБО.

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6 апреля в спортивном комплексе МГУПИ торжественно завершилась спартакиада по самбо среди воспитанников детских домов, школ-интернатов и кадетских корпусов на призы профессора Евгения Глориозова.

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